How you can Navigate a web-based Ancestry Member Tree: Step-by-step

Once you have produced an associate Tree on had one distributed to you-it may be utilized by mousing over Trees within the navigation bar deciding on the household tree you need to view in the drop lower list. This will give you towards the Pedigree view for your family tree.

In Pedigree View, the very first person around the left is either the “Home” individual, or is easily the most recent individual that’s been viewed within the tree. When the pedigree view starts with anybody apart from the house (root) individual, the road back lower towards the home individual can look within the lower-left corner (outlined in red within the above example). Click the individual’s name or choose the house icon to start pedigree view using the home person around the left.

Note: Ancestry Member Trees require a free account with to see-this is often whether compensated subscription account, or perhaps a free guest account. Users viewing an Ancestry Member Tree using a free guest account will get access to all family tree information (names, dates, etc.), in addition to documents and photos submitted through the tree’s creator, but won’t be able to see records and digitized documents attached from databases.

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