MEYER Surname Origin

In the Middle High German word “meiger,” meaning “greater or superior,” Meyer would be a surname frequently employed for stewards or overseers of landholders or great maqui berry farmers or leaseholders-today a Meier is really a dairy player. Meier and Meyer are utilized more frequently in Northern Germany, while Maier and Mayer are located more often in Southern Germany.

Being an British surname, Meyer produced from that old British maire, or Mayor, a police officer responsible for legal matters. Meyer may also have was initially another spelling from the Nederlander Meier or Meijer, or being an Anglicized type of the Gaelic surname ó Meidhir, from meidhir, meaning “mirth.”

Alternate Surname Spellings: MEIER, MAYER, MAIER, MIER, MEIR

Surname Origin: German, British, Nederlander

Where on the planet May be the MEYER Surname Found?

Based on surname distribution data from Forebears, the Meyer surname is most typical in Germany, where it’s the fifth most typical surname in the united states. It’s also one of the best players most typical surnames in Europe, France, Luxembourg and Nigeria. WorldNames PublicProfiler identifies the Meyer surname to be most typical in northern Germany (Niedersachsen, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein) Nordwestschweiz and Zentralschweiz, Europe and Alsace, France.

Surname distribution maps at show the Meyer surname can be found in 439 metropolitan areas and counties throughout Germany, most prevalently in Hamburg, adopted by Region Hannover, Berlin, Bremen, Diepholz, Harburg, Rotenburg (Wümme), Osnabrück, Verden and Cuxhaven.

Celebrities Using the MEYER Surname

Stephenie Meyer – author of twilighting

Bernhard Meyer – German physician and naturalist

Bertrand Meyer – French computer researcher

Conrad Ferdinand Meyer – Swiss poet and author

Fritz Meyer – Swiss founding father of the Roamer watch company

George von Lengerke Meyer – former U.S. Secretary from the Navy

Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer – German protestant pastor and theologian

Julius Lothar Meyer – German chemist pioneer in developing the very first periodic table of elements

Lodewijk Meyer – Nederlander physician, classical scholar and playwright

Genealogy Sources for that Surname MEYER

Meanings of Common German SurnamesUncover this is of the German surname with this particular free help guide to the meanings and origins of common German surnames.

Meyer Family Crest – It Isn’t That Which You ThinkContrary to whatever you decide and hear, there’s no such factor like a Meyer family crest or coat of arms for that Meyer surname. Jackets of arms are granted to the people, not families, and could rightfully be utilized only through the uninterrupted male line descendants of the individual with whom the coat of arms was initially granted.

Meyer Family Genealogy ForumSearch this popular genealogy forum for that Meyer surname to locate other people who may be researching your ancestors, or publish your personal Meyer surname query.

FamilySearch – MEYER GenealogyExplore over 9 million results, including digitized records, database records, an internet-based genealogy for that Meyer surname and it is variations around the FREE FamilySearch website, thanks to the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. – MEYER Genealogy & Genealogy

Explore free databases and genealogy links for that surname Meyer.

GeneaNet – Meyer RecordsGeneaNet includes archival records, genealogy, along with other sources for people using the Meyer surname, having a focus on records and families from France along with other Countries in europe.

The Meyer Genealogy and Family Tree Page

Browse genealogy records and links to family history and genealogical and historic records for people using the Meyer surname in the website of Genealogy Today.

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