MENDEZ Surname Meaning

Mendez is really a patronymic surname meaning “boy or descendant of Mendel or Mendo,” both given names that derived like a reduced type of the medieval name Menendo, itself produced from the Visigothic name Hermenegildo, meaning “complete sacrifice” in the Germanic elements ermen, meaning “whole, entire,” and gild, meaning “value, sacrifice.” Mendes may be the Portuguese same as the Mendez surname.

The beginnings from the Mendez surname happen to be tracked back mainly towards the village of Celanova, The country, based on the Instituto Genealógico e Histórico Latino-Americano.

Mendez may be the 39th most typical Hispanic surname.

Surname Origin: Spanish

Alternate Surname Spellings: MENDES, MENENDEZ, MENENDES, MéNDEZ, MéNDES

Celebrities using the Surname MENDEZ

Fernando Lugo Méndez – an old Catholic Bishop and also the current President of Paraguay

Avoi Mendes – American actress and worldwide spokeswoman for Revlon Cosmetics

Tony Mendez – CIA officer most widely known for efforts throughout the 1979 Iran hostage

Where’s the MENDEZ Surname Most Generally Found?

The Mendez surname is at their peak in Mexico, based on surname distribution data from Forebears. It’s most typical, however, in Guatemala, where it ranks because the 16th most typical surname in the united states, adopted by Venezuela (28th), tobago (32nd), and Mexico and Nicaragua (35th).

Mendes can also be the 50th most typical surname in The country where, based on WorldNames PublicProfiler, it can be found in finest figures in Asturias, in which the surname is considered to possess originated, adopted through the Canary Islands and Galicia. The Mendes spelling, meanwhile, is located more generally in France (mainly in the area surrounding Paris) and Europe (particularly the Genfersee region).

Genealogy Sources for that Surname MENDEZ

50 Common Hispanic Surnames & Their Meanings

Garcia, Martinez, Rodriguez, Lopez, Hernandez… Are you currently among the huge numbers of people sporting one of these simple top 50 common Hispanic last names?

Mendez Family Crest – It Isn’t What You Believe

Unlike whatever you decide and hear, there’s no such factor like a Mendez family crest or coat of arms for that Mendez surname. Jackets of arms are granted to the people, not families, and could rightfully be utilized only through the uninterrupted male line descendants of the individual with whom the coat of arms was initially granted.

Mendes DNA Surname Project

Males using the Mendes, Mendez along with other surname variants are asked to participate this DNA project to mix Y-Paternity testing and traditional family history and genealogical research to work through various Mendes and Mendez family lines.

MENDEZ Family Genealogy Forum

Search this popular genealogy forum for that Mendez surname to locate other people who may be researching your ancestors, or publish your personal Mendez query.

FamilySearch – MENDEZ Genealogy

Explore over two million historic records which mention people with the Mendez surname, in addition to online Mendez genealogy about this free website located through the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

MENDEZ Surname & Family E-mail Lists

RootsWeb hosts several free e-mail lists for researchers from the Mendez surname. – MENDEZ Genealogy & Genealogy

Free databases and genealogy links for that surname Mendez.

GeneaNet – Mendez Records

GeneaNet includes archival records, genealogy, along with other sources for people using the Mendez surname, having a focus on records and families from France along with other Countries in europe.

The Mendez Genealogy and Family Tree Page

Browse genealogy and links to family history and genealogical and historic records for people using the surname Mendez in the website of Genealogy Today.

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